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VLCM is a house of prayer! At VLCM, we take prayer and intercession seriously. We believe and stand on the power of prayer. Prayer is communication with God. When we communicate with God, we commune with Him and that communion changes our community. We pray corporately every Thursday before our Victory Hour of Power (bible study) at 6:30pm, every Saturday morning at 9:00am CT (see flyer for details) and every Sunday before each worship service.

Also, if you need prayer, we have intercessors available to pray for you 24-7, 365 days per year. Please send your prayer requests to or You may also call or text the church at (512) 956-VLCM (8526). If you would like to join our team of intercessors please email us!

Ministry Leader(s):

Pastor Bettina C. Bunton


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