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The vision of VLCM's Men of Victory (MOV) Men's Ministry is to unite men for the purpose of spiritual development, discipleship, and evangelism. Our mission is to embrace Godly manhood by cultivating, embracing, and exercising practical leadership, as well as spiritual leadership.


The ministry is designed to help develop and equip men of all ages at VLCM to be Godly and effective disciples of Jesus Christ, husbands, fathers, and male examples. We assist men in having mental, emotional, and spiritual health in every area. We help to facilitate the implementation of the church’s purpose and vision to win souls for Christ and build men to have and exhibit the traits of Jesus. 

We do this by:

  • Building healthy interpersonal relationships 

  • Getting an understanding of what the core men of VLCM need (personal and spiritual)

  • Have monthly bible study

  • Connect with other Godly men’s groups 

  • Have a monthly outside men’s event

Ministry Leader(s):

Deacon Tarleton Smith


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